Municipal & Government Buyers in Virginia and NE North Carolina

Does your agency need a Service Body, Dump Body, or Stake Body? IF SO, then look no further. You can purchase off our current municipal contracts that have a cooperative purchasing agreement.

Why waste Time and Resources going through the RFQ / IFB process having to write specifications, when you can Add Your Government Entity to these Extremely Competitive Bid Awards?
Please contact Ron Rigby, Wilbar's Government Sales Manager.
He WILL be Happy To Assist You.
Some Products Available On Our Current Contracts:
  • Dump Bodies and Hoists
  • Utility Bodies for Dual Rear Wheels
  • Canopy Roof Option
  • Utility Bodies (Single Rear Wheels)
  • Line Bodies
  • Crane Bodies & Cranes
  • Platform / Stake Bodies with Headboards (with or without Stake Racks)
  • Van Bodies
  • Conversion Hoist for Platform Bodies
  • Lift Gates for Platform Bodies
  • Lift Gates for Service Bodies
  • Lift Gates For Van Bodies